Aviation and Air Law

What can we offer in the field of aviation and air law?

It is known that the aviation and air law in all its aspects is governed by the international conventions, which are undertaken by airlines, whether these companies belong to the government or owned by private companies. And there are fundamentals rules which must be respected and not breached.

Definition and content of Air Law:

Air Law is a set of legal rules which govern human activity in the field of air navigation, aircraft use as well as airspace. On this basis, the Air Law is concerned with studying and organizing all the forms of aerial exploitation which science has revealed, and those that are likely to be revealed, whether related to the use of aircraft and all means that facilitate air navigation such as airports and technical equipment, as well as the people working in the mentioned field, contracts required for such navigation, transportation, renting, etc, and all aspects related to telecommunication and wireless communication, such as radars and meteorological research.

We, ALHUKOK Law Firm, take over all business related to airlines, air transportation, transactions, contracts and legal procedures.

On the other hand, ALHUKOK Law Firm takes over damage compensation against rights violation of passengers who are harmed by the delay of travel or damage caused by the transporter. Our office also takes over the rights violation compensation for the damage caused to the goods and other.

Whatever the transportation type is, for people or for goods, the fault that causes the damage and requires compensation and claim is most likely as in the following cases:

  • First: Not doing transportation.
  • Second: Delay of transportation.
  • Third: Defective transport.
  • Fourth: Incomplete transportation.

ALHUKOK Law Firm has sufficient expertise in attaining the rights of the clients for any damage to their rights in the field of aviation and air transport.