Contract Drafting

We are concerned with drafting contracts for our clients. The drafting of contracts is of ultimate importance in supporting and guaranteeing the rights of clients with companies and individuals, whether in sales contracts, business contracts, company Partenership or otherwise.

The contract drafting is an art of law. It is not sufficient to write a contract only. Rather, the formulation and the wording of the terms of the contract must be clear to prevent the interpretation because the plain and obvious contract cannot be interpreted. In that the interpretation occurs with the ambiguous or the contradictory text, which creates problems and possibly violates and damages the rights of persons.

As it is known, the agreements and the legal contracts contain many special expressions and terminology. Therefore, the presence of a lawyer who recognizes and understands these expressions and terminology with any one will prevent falling in complications or legal problems which may potentially emerge in the future. The contract which is professionally and skillfully written protects all parties from going through confusion in understanding. So the legal contract drafting requires art, knowledge and creativity. It is not just a mere search for a model lease or a model partnership or business contract or whatever type of contracts to be drafted, and then modifying the paragraphs of the contract according just to what corresponds to you, but in dept, the contract must be drafted in a detailed manner for every single situation.

A contract in general must include all the information of the names of the contractors, their nationality, their identity numbers and the date of their issuance, their detailed addresses, the approval for the contractors eligibility to proceed the contract and the date of the contract writing, the place of convening thorough description of the subject of the contract to prevent interpretation or discretion as well as stating that the parties of the contract are fully aware of these descriptions to negate any unawareness about them.

As an example, in the contract of business contracting, the contract must contain a comprehensive description of everything related to the work of construction in the constructing contract. The description must be all-inclusive in all aspects and must determine the counterpart, besides stating the way, time and manner of doing it and its completion through work finalizing in accordance with the specifications. The same applies to the contract of sale and lease and to other types of contracts for avoiding dispute which may result from the lack of information or lack of clarity and this highlights the role of the art of contract drafting about which we must closely take care of it.