Establishment of companies and branches of foreign companies, registration and follow-up to its in Kurdistan and Iraq

One of the manifestations of economic building construction development in Kurdistan Region increased companies’ number or their, national, regional and international branches. And this makes it an obligation to organize their business according to local law as many commercial companies compete in establishing firms of all types and also branches of foreign companies which require either setting up companies or registering companies’ branches and follow up their work, and this demands the implementation of laws based on the legal experience in this area.

ALHUKOK Law Firm and consultancy is to do so because of the practical and scientific expertise in carrying out such affairs both in the field of establishing companies and registering the branches of companies as well as providing these establishments with legal advice, in accordance with the rules which are implemented in Kurdistan Region and in Iraq.

ALHUKOK Law Firm has a specialized cadre and has the rapidity and accuracy in the completion of all legal deals and licenses necessary to establish local companies and registration of foreign companies and their branches, both by Iraqi founders and foreigners in Kurdistan Region and in other parts of Iraq. We also conclude contracts for companies of the public sector and the private sector and prepare the annual corporate budget by legal accountants, and follow up with the Directorate of Registration of Companies and the Tax Directorate as well as follow-up of company documents renewal.

As it is known, the branch of the company or the foreign economic foundation means what is authorized under the law and the special system of foreign companies’ branches or corporations that exercise permanent activity in Kurdistan under a treaty, agreement or contract with the government of Kurdistan Region, or a contractor carrying out a specified project with Regional departments, mixed sector companies, unions, cooperatives or private shareholding companies.

The office of the company or the foreign economic institution means what entitled under the law as representatives or contact offices for foreign companies or institutions whose purpose is to study the markets and the possibilities of working, producing or introducing their products and services or to facilitate communication with their centers.

For the foreign company, it means the abstract bodies who are licensed according to the local legislation in addition to individual projects of the company, and the activity of the company must be in Kurdistan Region in accordance with the law.