Estate Transactions

Our vision in estate transaction cases :

Undoubtedly, the most widespread nominate contracts in the society are lease contract and sale contract, whether for citizens or foreigners. This means that many lease contracts of estate are concluded, which creates many problems between the lessor and the lessee due to conflict of interest. And the sale contracts for immovable property such as houses, lands, apartments, farms and other are indispensable for the community and therefore problems and conflicts of interest between groups are generated.

ALHUKOK Firm for law and legal consultancy, in the light of its scientific and practical expertise, provides the appropriate environment between the groups, and realizes justice (equality) between the sale contract parties, namely the seller and the buyer. And the office shares in guaranteeing rights and practicing the law to prevent controversy and conflict.

Whatever type the real estate transaction is, whether in the lease or the sale contract, the contracts may include conditions, but these conditions must be legal and do not conflict with public order and public ethics. Therefore, our office knows and recognizes the terms which are agreeable by the law.

The lease contract and the sale contract pass through stages, including the stage of payment of earnest and the groups may not agree on the rent or sale, which requires finding a legal solution, especially that selling the property before registration in the Estate Registration Department is not allowed and it is void (null), because of the absence of a fundamental pillar for property selling which is registration. And so, we know how to resolve the problem of earnest payments in the process of selling the property before being registered.

Among the other cases related to estate transactions, there are cases of property seizure, property disputes, problems of damage to the leased property due to use, etc. ALHUKOK Firm for Law and Legal Consultancy takes over settling all disputes and issues related.

ALHUKOK Firm for Law and Legal Consultancy follows up the completion of all real estate transactions in Kurdistan Region, Iraq for local and foreign clients in sale, purchase, rental and mortgage. It also follows up the estate disputes and estate taxes and provides legal advice. We as well, conclude contracts and agreements in all projects of estate investment and contracting for foreigners by a cadre of specialized lawyers in accordance with the provisions of investment law.