Legal Advice

Our mission and our work in the courts of justice is not limited only to litigation and appealing, but we also provide legal advice. The office, through its practical expertise, expert staff and legal advisers, is able to provide local and international legal advice related to the laws in Kurdistan Region and in Iraq as a whole.

This advice is presented to individuals and to abstract bodies from companies, associations and others, whether they seek advice in Kurdistan, in the rest of Iraq or internationally in relation to the laws in force in Kurdistan and the various Iraqi laws, especially that the rules of Private International Law has concluded applying the law before the foreign judiciary.

The importance of legal advice to companies, institutions, associations and individuals manifests in determining the right legal steps for any economic activity such as investments or different matters in the community such as selling, rent, personal status cases or problems related to the penal code and others. This legal consultancy provides the company and the person with the right way which guarantees the rights and protects the seeker of legal advice from legal problems or law breach where consequent losses may be significant and costly.

Hereby, the legal consultancy has an important and effective role in guiding clients and assignors before proceeding with any legal procedures. ALHUKOK Law Firm holds in high regard providing the best services to clients through legal consultancy service by qualified consultants with outstanding and specialized scientific and practical training.