Legal Representation and Litigation

In ALHUKOK Law Firm, we prepare legal warnings and represent clients in all courts, official and non-official bodies, whether in cases of power of attorney in the proceedings and representative our clients in the Federal Supreme Court regarding the unconstitutionality of laws and decisions, or the proceedings in the Real Estate Disputes Commission, crime cases and non-adult cases as well as civil, legal and administrative suits, and any other lawsuits before different types of courts and all their types. We have the expertise and know-how knowledge in registering and following up all types of proceedings and cases and pleadings as well as attending investigations and interrogations. We also represent our clients before all bodies and departments, references and official ministries, where we have practical and field-related expertise in various types of civil, commercial and administrative procedures, as well as in the implementation, suits of labor, personal suits and in criminal suits through all kinds of courts in all positions ranging from Courts of Starting, Court of Appeal, the Court of Cassation and the Federal Supreme Court.