Medical malpractice (faults)and compensation for damage

What ALHUKOK Law Firm is able to do about attaining the rights of the harmed people in the field of medical malpractice (faults)?

ALHUKOK Law Firm through experts and consultants in the office is capable to make prosecution against the party who committed the medical malpractice (faults) and caused damage to the patient affected by the malpractice, whether due to surgery or hospital negligence or misdiagnosis by the doctor or due to insufficient care by the hospital staff or other.

ALHUKOK Law Firm has the knowledge and the legal expertise in initiating the case against the party committing the medical malpractice. The office has the ability to know the existence or absence of the malpractice through studying the file of the victim by the experts and consultants and then identifying the malpractices and the damages to proceed with the prosecution for compensation either for the patient or the heirs in case of the patient’s death due to medical malpractice.

ALHUKOK Law Firm through the team of experts and consultants in the office has the scientific and legal competence to identify and recognize the dimensions of medical responsibility which is divided into two types:

First – The criminal responsibility of the perpetrator of the medical malpractice after being proved and the office shall proceed with the prosecution before the Penal Courts. And this one is for the cases of serious professional malpractice.

Second – Civil resposibility which means claiming compensation for damages endured by the person through the prosecution before the Civil Judiciary.