Obtaining Unpaid Debts

We have the legal competences and skills in collecting unpaid debts. These skills manifest in the art of negotiation and persuasion and the manner of resolving matters in accordance with the law as well as the idea of balancing between gains and risks and understanding the psychological aspects of the debt-defaulting debtor. In that, the skill of debt collection depends on the competences and effectiveness of the lawyer or the legal consultant.

We are experienced in collecting unpaid debts for individuals and companies through following up the debtors and inciting them to pay and make adjustments with them in accordance with any new economic circumstances that happened with the debtor considering the interest of our client and according to the implemented legislation in this regards. In addition to this, we also follow up the debtors after making adjustments to guarantee their commitment to the new settlement, or otherwise enhancing the guarantees through adding personal or real estate guarantees that will implicitly increase social pressure on the debtor and secure payment under the settlement agreement. In case of failure to adhere to the settlement, we can follow strong legal procedures for collecting debts by sueing a penal complaint or civil lawsuit against the debtor who has not paid the dept until a judgment is issued in favor of our client. And in this situation, it is possible to follow the implemented execution and the forced sale or following a way to distrain the debtor s properities which are held by other individuals.

The executive legal action against the debt-defaulting debtor is considered a systematic procedure and there is a set of rules which the creditor follow in accordance with the law within a time frame which is set by the judicial or by the executive authorities.