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Our prospect in (ALHUKOK Law firm) for advocation and law consultancy, the mission of the lawyer is not only to formulate the legal proceedings, the legal contracts and reviewing them, or stating what is agreeable to the law or what is against it, nor just to present advocacy, but it is much bigger than this. One of the most substantial missions and duties of the lawyer is understanding comprehensively the nature of the client’s business. If the client is a contracting company, a trade company, pharmaceutics and medicines or any other type of companies, the attorney must know and understand the nature and the details of the client’s affairs exactly the same as his understanding of the law which governs these acts. Therefore, the lawyer is an advisor to the client from the beginning of the project until its end, not only through pointing out the legal defect, or giving opinion and legal advice but also in gain and loss and through the legal ways to achieve higher profit and showing legal alternatives to avoid and minimize losses in consistency with the nature of the work itself.

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